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  • Aad Dijksman (22 januari 2020): Jeroen, ergens staat mij bij dat jij ook een painting had gemaakt in de jaren 90 genaamd 'Unholy Trinity'?
  • mac (16 januari 2020): 'Under ein Blodraud Maane' voor de Noorse band Manes is supervet! ik ben inspiratie aan het zoeken voor mijn cd en dit voel mij op! complimenten! groetjes Mac van
  • yourobituary (9 maart 2015): At the 2nd of march 2014 i had a hard time choosing bettween 2 paintings from 2010 from the hand of Jeroen van Valkenburg. I bought The Coral Cascade. Now on the 2nd of march 2015 i can say that i am the proud owner of my second painting. This time i bought Babylonia. I had a great time with Jeroen. We talked a bit before going further with the very busy life. Always great being in contact with this highly gifted artist. Keep up the great work. With kind regards, Michel and Alejandra
  • yourobituary (18 maart 2014): Proud owner of 1 of the paintings by Jeroen van Valkenburg, who is in reality a very down to earth person. At the 2nd of march 2014 i bought The Coral Cascade and is hanging in my house right now. With a lot to choose from, it was a difficult choice. Whatever the choice would be, still i stand behind the first sentence anyway. Many thanks to Jeroen and his wife for the hospitality and kindness. With kind regards, Michel and Alejandra
  • Marshetta Davis (26 oktober 2011): Your talent and mind are amazing. I love this. Marshetta Davis